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Studying in Australia represents a big chapter of your life. We look forward to welcoming you on this exciting adventure and helping you through your journey to make your time in Australia memorable and fruitful. Want to get started or just curious to learn more? Enter your details so we can reach out.

Our Team

Australian Study Agents is a full-service agency, handling all aspects of education-related services for international students studying in Australia. This includes securing and processing education admissions, visa processing, and settlement services upon your arrival into Australia.

Located in Adelaide, South Australia, our team has more than 10 years of experience in the education industry and is made up of both education and migration agents, and teachers, all locally based.

Every member of our Australian Study Agents team has grown up or received training in Australia. This means that we know exactly what the Australian government is looking for when approving applications from students who want to study in Australia.

Our Promise To You

Australian Study Agentswas established to make studying in Australia an accessible and hassle-free option for people around the world.

We exist to help students gain a global mindset and a career advantage. We do this by providing the means to immerse yourself in a foreign culture, language, and peer group while studying in Australia.

We know that wanting to study in Australia is the easy part, but lots of students are unsure where to start their process. Most often, students require guidance to:

  • Obtain a visa;
  • Know which course to enroll in;  
  • Recognise who can help them along the way;
  •  Secure a place to live

Our expert team is here to guide you throughout your entire journey, from initial discussions about whether studying in Australia is the right option for you, right through to the completion of your studies.

The best part? Our innovative tools and services are totally free!

As qualified education agents, we work on a commission payment structure, meaning that you can be sure that we will provide you with a reliable, unbiased service to better meet your personal goals, at no additional cost to you.


“I did different working holidays in Australia and New Zealand, but I always wanted to improve my English through studies. Australian Study Agents guided me and informed me about courses and institutions in Australia, as well as explaining how they work and the different types of visas that exist. Very good experience."

Sebastian Inostroza

“I was very excited to travel to Australia, so I started reading on the internet and looking for information. One of my friends introduced me to someone from Australian Study Agents who helped me with very important information and completely free of charge. Today, I am on a work and holiday visa, but I really appreciate the information and without a doubt when I study, I will take the help of Australian Study Agents."

Diego Arancibia

“I love traveling and living in different places. I already had a good time outside of my country and I feel that I have learned a lot by traveling and studying. My experiences with education in Australia are varied, but I can say that Australian Study Agents has given me personal attention and helped me identify what I really wanted out of my international study. It is an agency committed to students."

Valentina Aguirre